Site Plan

Progress and Development

Progress & Development

Existing Facilities
A. Office
B. Main Hall
C. Hall II
D. Enclosure
E. Boardwalk
F. Sun Bear Exhibit
G. Picnic Area
H. Flower Garden
I. Domestic Exhibit
J. Playground
K. Endemic Exhibit
L. Domestic Animals
M. Souvenirs

In Development
1. Ecosystem Exhibit
2. Statue Park
3. Labyrinth
4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Exhibit
5. Restaurant
6. Entrance & Site Information
7. Parking Lot

KWPLH primarily receives funding for management and running costs from the local government through the Environmental Department in Balikpapan. Pro Natura Foundation assists with funding and implementation of various aspects of the animal management (health care, food, facility maintenance and new building), as well as development of most education exhibits and facilities at KWPLH.

Various other private and corporate donors have helped with the development of KWPLH and we are very grateful for their support!

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