Sun Bear Enclosure

Probably the finest of its kind in the world

KWPLH is home to seven sun bears (5 males: 2 females). All were taken from the wild as cubs and were kept illegally as pets. Most of these bears were confiscated between 2002-2004, but 3 new bears were taken in between 2011-2014.

In February 2006, our initial group of 5 sun bears were moved from barred cages to their new forested enclosure. Our forest enclosure is approximately 1.3 hectares (3.25 acres) surrounded by electric and chain-link fences. Some of the bears’ favorite fruit trees are amongst the many species that fill the enclosure. Two climbing frames near the enclosure edge provide great viewing opportunities, as do the twice-daily feedings, when food is scattered in the enclosure. Visitors can observe the sun bears from the visitor boardwalk, which surrounds the enclosure.

The enclosure setting benefits both bears and visitors. A naturalistic enclosure promotes natural behaviors, which is highly beneficial for the health and welfare of the bears. At the same time, visitors gain an understanding of bear behavior and habitat. By seeing animals in a natural environment people will be less pleased seeing rare and protected wildlife in small barred cages or kept on chains.

The ultimate goal of the bear enclosure is to instill a more positive attitude toward sun bears and knowledge about their conservation status amongst the local population, and ultimately reduce trade in wildlife, and create support for forest conservation activities.


Sun Bear Enclosure was developed with assistance from:

Chevron/ BP Migas

Dutch Foundation Zoos Help

Free the Bears Fund, Inc.


The Nature Conservancy

Dutch Embassy, Jakarta

Animals Asia Foundation

TOTAL Indonesia Foundation

American Association of Zookeepers

Woodland Park Zoo


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