So many have already helped

Our main goal is to provide a venue for all levels of society to learn about the importance of ecosystem functions, and to start appreciating the wealth of biodiversity in Indonesia (Kalimantan in particular). With a more educated and knowledgeable society, there might be a hope to conserve some of the beautiful ecosystems and wildlife in Indonesia.

Donations are an important source of funding, especially for all our sun bear and other animal work. A part of the operational costs of the center are covered by local government funds (wages of staff), but our animal care and further development of educational facilities depend 100% on donations and fundraising.

With your continued support we can achieve all this. We are so grateful to the many, many compassionate people who continue to help us. Grateful thanks go out to you all. To the school children who raise funds in their classroom, to the wider community and organizations who turn us into one of the best of its kind in SE Asia.

The Sun Bear Enclosure

The Sun Bear Education Exhibit

Veterinarians and Animal Medical Care Product


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