Pedro is a young male. He arrived in 2013, brought to the center by the person who kept him illegally and did not take care of him well. Pedro was severely undersized due to malnutrition. His estimated age on arrival was 1.5 years old, but his weight was of a baby sun bear of 6 months. After some intensive care, Pedro is now growing and developing well, he is a boisterous infant! He is still housed separately as he’s too small to be grouped with the adult bears as yet, but we hope to move him to the mini-enclosure later this year.






Pedro arrived at KWPLH as a small cub in 2013. He had been kept illegally as a pet since he was a cub and was malnourished on arrival. Despite the fact that we estimated his age at 1.5 years, based on his teeth, he only weighed 10 kg whereas a normal sun bear at that age would weigh 30 kg.


Pedro was kept illegally by someone from Banjarmasin, in a house, since he was a tiny cub. Being fed rice water, his body did not develop well and we were worried he would remain dwarfed. Fortunately after extensive care and proper nutrition Pedro now weighs 30 kg. As he was a tiny bear on arrival we had to build a separate large cage for him, and he is still housed there until we can move him to holding to start integration with our adult bears.


Pedro is now growing and developing well, he is a boisterous infant! When in his cage, he likes to relax in his hammock, but mostly he loves to play, and hopefully he will be a nice older ‘brother’ for Chand, our new little cub.


Pedro loves being walked in the forest, climb trees and forage for insects.

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