Harris is a large male sun bears who arrived at the center in 2004. He had been held in captivity for at least 5 years before arriving at the center. We estimate his age close to 15 years now. Harris is a very gentle beautiful sun bear, unfortunately blind in one eye due to a head injury. Despite this handicap he is faring very well. Harris’ canines were filed down by ignorant vets from the Department of Animal Husbandry, which has led to serious infection and after some years his canines had to be removed before infection would reach his jaw bone. Harris is good friends with all other sun bears.






At 50-60 kg (110-120 lbs) Harris is the largest bear at KWPLH. His has a blind right eye that shines green.


To entertain guests Harris’ owner fed him beer and snack food — maybe nice for us, but not for bears. He is blind in his right eye, which was likely caused by a hard blow to the head. Unfortunately his canines were filed down by ignorant vets, leading to infections and some of his canines had to be removed to avoid infections reaching his jaw bones.


Harris is the strong and silent type. He is usually calm and reserved but does have bursts of playfullness when he gets his favorite toys or when he smells mint. He likes green beans, mint, playing with coconuts.


Harris is friendly with all bears, and Anna’s favourite.

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