Bedu is a young male who arrived at the center in 2011. He was probably born in 2008, so only 5-6 years old now, still a sub-adult bear. We built a new mini-enclosure for Bedu so that he would have access to the outside whilst being socialized with our adult bears. He is best friends with Bennie, and is starting to become confident around Batik and Harris, although still very wary when Anna is around.






Bedu arrived at KWPLH as a subadult in 2011. He had been kept illegally as a pet since he was a cub.


As a pet, Bedu was kept in a metal bar cage only 2 m X 2 m. He had been fed bread and human foods and it took him a while to get used to fruits, vegetables and other healthy food items. When Bedu arrived we had to build a separate mini-enclosure for him, as he was much smaller than our adult bears and we wanted to integrate him safely, but provide him with a nice outside place to live. Bedu is still being integrated, and he is great friends with Bennie and the other males, but for some reason Anna does not like to have him around, so Bedu alternates with Anna in the big enclosure until they become friends.


Bedu is active and friendly. He loves to climb and wrestle, but is still a bit weary of how to best deal with Anna.


Cool off in the pool, play with his tire, and relax in his hammock.

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