Batik is now our biggest male sun bear at KWPLH. He arrived in 2005 when he was about 2 years old, so now he will be around 11 years of age. He is well in his prime of life! Batik is liked by all our older bears, and even friends with our youngest male, Bedu. He gets along well with female Anna, and loves to wrestle with the other bears, Harris and sweet clawless Bennie. Batik very much likes our new bear pool and he is a good climber. His favorite food is honey, mango’s, coconuts, papaya and eggs! When fully satisfied he likes to play with his tongue, flicking it in and out of his mouth.






Batik is another large male, close in size to Harris. He arrived at KWPLH as a subadult in 2004.


As a pet, Batik was kept in a metal bar cage only 1.5 m X 1 m. He had a chipped canine tooth and a related abscess in his jaw. Such injuries are commonly a result of biting the bars of a small or barren cage.


Batik is energetic and goofy. He loves to climb and wrestle and is friendly with all other bears. Batik is jealous when it comes to food and hates to see other bears eat without him.


Cool off in the pool. Doing flips out of his hammock.

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