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At KWPLH we have two large Lamins (longhouse style buildings). The main Lamin us used for our education displays, documentary nature film shows, and sometimes for events.

The second Lamin is frequently rented out for family or company events that wish to carry out their activities in a more natural setting. Due to the fact that KWPLH is an environmental education center, certain rules and regulations apply to external events (garbage, noise, group size etc).

If you wish to get more information about renting the lamin, please contact us

Gardens & Shelters

Enjoy a relaxing environment away from the concrete jungle


Gardens & Shelters

KWPLH is proud that our gardening work and landscaping is improving, from a wasteland some years ago, now many birds, butterflies and even wildlife enjoy the gardens and new tree planting that has been carried out over the past years.

We have also built a number of small gazebo’s where visitors can enjoy a nice picnic [please take you garbage home!], read a book, or look at the beautiful sun birds, bulbuls, barbets and the occasional woodpecker or kingfisher!


Kids just want to have fun!



KWPLH also hosts a number of playgrounds for our young visitors to enjoy between seeing our sun bears or visiting the various education exhibits, seeing our domestic animal care work, or after having enjoyed making a sun bear mask!


Want a souvenir of your visit?



Limited merchandise and educational booklets are available at the KWPLH site. Due to shipping costs no items are available for overseas shipment.

Food & Beverage

Get the perfect day and park for your picnic

Food & Beverage

KWPLH does not yet have a restaurant on site, although we do hope to develop this in the future.

At the moment local villagers sell drinks and basic foods [snacks, noodles etc] during the weekend. So if you come during the week, remember to bring your own food and drinks [preferably in recyclable bottles and packaging!] to enjoy your time at the center.

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Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No. 185 RT. 42 Kelurahan Karang Joang, Balikpapan 76127 (Jalan Poros Balikpapan-Samarinda) Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia

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