Environmental Education

A Greener Future Through Education

The lack of awareness of conservation threats and consequences of forest destruction present throughout most levels of the Indonesian population, has led to a lack of public outcry concerning the destruction of natural resources in Indonesia. The forests in Kalimantan are one of the main strongholds for sun bears and other highly endangered wildlife but their habitat is disappearing at a rapid pace. Primarily due to this habitat destruction, sun bears and other wildlife species are coming into more frequent conflict with humans. At present there is no environmental education facility in (East) Kalimantan, where local people from all levels of the population (adults, children, government officials and farmers) could visit in order to learn more about forest functions and consequences of forest loss, and associated wildlife and biodiversity.

Our main goal is to provide a venue for all levels of society to learn about the importance of ecosystem functions, and to start appreciating the wealth of biodiversity in Indonesia (Kalimantan in particular). With a more educated and knowledgeable society, there might be a hope to conserve some of the beautiful ecosystems and wildlife in this country.

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